Hello world!

So I’ve moved from my old blog. Why? I can’t quite say why, but it’s just me trying to reorganize and restructure, I guess.

I feel like a lot has changed over the past 5 years. I’ve definitely grown and evolved, but at the same time, I still miss the friends, family, and support I’ve lost. Los Angeles is definitely different than San Diego, and I’m becoming aware of it more and more. I love LA, but it seems that everyone and everything that I hold and held close to my heart are so far away from me. In a sense, this new blog is my way of crawling into a hole and focusing on some things I have forgotten – writing, photography, cooking, and music, of course. There’s a lot of personal stuff I can include on here, but I’ll probably save most of it for my diary (and yes, I’ve been keeping one since the 3rd grade).

Once I get my DSLR fixed (hopefully), I’ll be posting more pictures. Stupid error 99.

So come back often and check me out on Twitter and Yelp! It’ll make me happy 😉

♥ megasmalls


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