Taco Taco Taco!

A couple weeks ago, I finally caught the Kogi truck after a visit to Intelligentsia. Finally. Who knew that $2 could get you such a tasty morsel?! Unfortunately, the boyfriend isn’t a fan of Korean food (or Korean-style anything for that matter), so there’s no convincing him on stopping by the truck with me. With him having a steak dinner with his roommates, I finally had the opportunity to replicate these tacos tonight. They were so delicious! Since this was decided on a whim, I might’ve cheated a bit by using Trader Joe’s marinated meat, but they were still yummy. I’ll give it a go in the future with my own marinade.

Korean-style taco

Just a corn tortilla, some marinated galbi, and slaw (cabbage, mirin, sesame oil, gochugang, sesame seeds) – garnished with sriracha, cilantro, and lime! Mmm.. I think I’m going to make another one.


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