Quick dinner: Spicy pork with spinach & udon

Tonight I made this dish for the second time. I think it’s going to become one of my go-to recipes for a cheap dinner on the fly. The only ingredients I don’t usually have in my refrigerator are the pork ($4.00/lb max) and the udon ($1.20/packet). The spinach can be substituted with any green leafy vegetable. All of this can feed 2-3 people, but I’m greedy and am looking forward to using the pork with my eggs tomorrow morning.



Pork – approx. 1 lb

Ginger – 1″ nub, minced

Onion powder

Black bean garlic sauce – 1 tsp, heaping

Hoisin sauce – 2-3 tsp, heaping

Honey – 1-2 tsp

Soy sauce

Chili garlic sauce

Red pepper flakes

Black pepper

Udon – 1 packet

Spinach, or other green leafy vegetable



1. Brown pork on medium-high heat with ginger. Season with black pepper & red pepper flakes.

2. Add hoisin sauce, black bean sauce, honey, onion powder, chili garlic sauce. Add soy sauce for desired saltiness. Let simmer for a few minutes and reserve meat.

3. In same pan, add spinach to the pork juices and cook until slightly wilted.

4. Follow udon packet instructions to reheat udon.

5. Serve extra chili garlic sauce and/or sriracha (if you like heat) and enjoy!


Note: The pork makes for wonderful leftovers. My fave thing to do with it is eat it layered with buttered toast, eggs over-easy, pork, drizzled with sriracha. The runniness of the eggs yolk + eggs + toast + pork is so delicious.

It’s a bad picture, but the finished product looks like this:



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