Megasmalls list: 2011.

The year 2011 is all about focusing on myself, inside and out. One of the keys to successfully implementing permanent change in our lives revolves around instituting new habits. So, this year I won’t be making resolutions; instead, I will be forming new (and positive) habits – one at a time.

The list is incomplete because it’s quite impractical to list out goals for an entire year. Here are the first new habits/things I want to work on this year:


Even though it’s pretty cute that Sawyer uses my music as his cuddle buddy, I really shouldn’t follow suit. Since I’ve graduated from USC – with a music degree – I’ve let one of my greatest loves wither away into nonexistence.

And it’s not just about practicing. It’s about really taking advantage of a rare talent and trying to apply it to all areas of my life.








The brain is a beautiful specimen and it shouldn’t be wasted. I want to challenge myself to learn new things everyday – from books, from people, from everyday life.


Oh, and I’m taking the GMAT. Boo.








I think one of my worst habits is going in a million different directions at once. I can’t help it though – I’m a dreamer and I have a ridiculous imagination. I have a lot of goals in life, but I have to understand that everything doesn’t come at once. Most importantly, I need to be comfortable with being alone. Being able to spend time alone is so invaluable. Alone time is time to decompress, to reflect, to work, to strategize, to be at peace… you get the idea. I’ve always tried to cater to other people needs, but in this past year I almost lost myself and lost sight of what’s important. Focus, Megan. Focus. I have a feeling that if I do that, happiness will come a little easier.



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