It’s the most wonderful time of the year.

November and December are always a blur. Thanksgiving, my birthday, Christmas, New Year’s Eve/Day. My birthday usually comes and goes without much fanfare since no one’s ever around to help me celebrate. Stupid food orgies overshadowing my birth! But this year worked out pretty well. Festivities began before Thanksgiving and will probably roll into this weekend. Ten days of birthday?! Since it’s my 25th, I’ll say yes. Just this once.

I haven’t been cooking much the past couple of months – busy with apps and the boy- but now that the holiday season is upon us, the cooking bug has bit again. I’m also thinking about putting up a Christmas tree! My parents basically uninvited me from coming home and are opting to come up to LA just so they can sample my cooking. Challenge accepted! I think I’m going to make duck and quail, plus whatever sides I fancy. So far I need helpers for my tree and to be taste testers. Any takers??

Life updates brought to you by Instagram:


New restaurant find: Waterloo & City (Culver City, CA)

Founded August 1997

Birthday flowers. Rawr!


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