Red Lips. Red Fingertips.

Since the boy has been out of town, I’ve been trying to eat a little healthier. And what’s healthier (and easier) than a bunch of fruits and veggies thrown into a blender? Nothing. That’s what.

ABC (Apple-Beet-Carrot) Smoothie.

Last night, I finally got to try Ramen Yamadaya.  I’d been wanting to go to their Culver City location, but their Westwood location just opened! It was my first tonkotsu kotteri experience. Definitely could taste and feel the excessive amounts of pork fat. Delicious, but I don’t think I’ll be ordering it every time.

Tonkotsu kotteri ramen with black garlic oil and Yamadaya toppings (chashu 2 ways, extra egg, nori).

I’ve been kind of obsessed with bright red nails lately. Why not try bright red lips?!

Red lips. Red fingertips.


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