After a weekend in NorCal (separate post coming soon), the boy and I were able to spend most of a full day in LA meandering about before he had to fly home. He showed me around the UCLA campus, which oddly enough, I had never really walked through – save a few trips to Royce Hall or some random auditoriums. Such a gorgeous, shorts-and-sandals mid-December day! Points for not moving out of southern California for b-school next year: +1,203,984.

Oh look at that. The Bruin statue… Nobody wants to take pictures with that blasted thing.

So how do you calm a megasmalls down and get her to smile next to the enemy bear? Ask an Asian lady to take our picture. Sly.

The boy was able to snap some iPhone shots of me during the golden hour. I’m shy when it comes to having my photo taken, so he’s lucky I allowed so many.

I’ll post more of them with pics from our trip, but I found the following ones that made me look like a giant quite funny. A GIANT, I say!


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