Sawyer Day.

Happy Daylight Saving Time. Or Sawyer Day. Or We-Went-On-A-Picnic Day.

The weather in LA has been exceptionally beautiful, so Bill and I decided to pack a picnic this weekend and enjoy the local park. On the menu was my amazing pulled pork, homemade coleslaw,  jalapeno potato chips, sweet tea, and fresh strawberries.

Sawyer guarding the food. And longingly waiting for Bill to return.

I honestly love making pulled pork. 1) It’s cheap. 2) It’s little work (with high yield). 3) It’s always a huge hit. I’m glad I finally got to make it for Bill…now he can eat it for the rest of the week!

Sawyer also got to enjoy the (human) park and the dog park today. He even taught Bill how to play bocce ball. Quite the talented canine.

Touchdown! Preparing Sawyer early for college football season.

“I claim this land in the name of the kingdom of Saywer!”

If Sawyer somehow formed opposable thumbs and knew how to use the internet, he would find the following pictures embarrassing:


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